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What problems can integrated prefabricated pump station solve for Municipal Administration

Issuing time:2020-06-10 08:30Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

What problems can integrated prefabricated pump station solve for Municipal Administration

1. The water supplied by the waterworks is often faced with the problems of falling water level, lack of water, slow water flow and high terrain in the construction of waterworks, which leads to the failure of timely supplement of water for residents and factories and affects the life and economic operation of municipal residents.

2. The construction of underground water reservoir and water supply equipment covers a wide area, resulting in the shortage of municipal land and waste of limited land resources.

3. The direct discharge of domestic sewage is easy to cause water pollution around.

4. Industrial waste water and sewage are also discharged directly, which is easy to cause water pollution such as river course, and the maintenance cost is high and difficult.

5. A prefabricated pump station shall be built at the place where water sources such as rivers and rivers are located. The water flows through the reservoir of the pump station, through crushing fences and centrifugal pumps to mix large-scale stone particles. The water level shall be raised by the pressure of the pump station, and the water shall be conveyed to the waterworks under pressure. Ensure that the water source is supplied to the waterworks stably.



6. On the way of water supply to municipal water users, prefabricated booster pump station is built to solve the problem of unstable and untimely water delivery, and the land occupation area is small, so as to realize the effective use of land resources.

7. The underground installation of the integrated prefabricated pump station has a surface area of only more than 10 ㎡. GRP is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic anticorrosive material, light and corrosion-resistant, with a service life of more than 50 years.

8. It can solve the problem of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall in low-lying areas, efficiently drain water and reduce the economic loss of the city.

Whether it is water from the water source to the waterworks, or water from the waterworks to the municipal water consumption, it is required to get water quickly and stably. The prefabricated pump station has become one of the important equipment of municipal water intake, which has the advantages of low environmental requirements, less space and stable water delivery.

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