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How does the integrated prefabricated pump station deal with sewage?

Issuing time:2020-06-11 08:36Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

How does the integrated prefabricated pump station deal with sewage?

Modular wet well pump station: the water pump is installed with self coupling wet type. The water pump room and inlet well are integrated in the same shaft, with internal maintenance platform and ground control panel. The operation and maintenance are required to be simple, and the pre assembly and factory test shall be carried out before transportation, so as to minimize the installation time on site and improve the reliability of the system.

The function of the integrated prefabricated pump station is to lift the sewage and pump it out to reduce large excavation.

The pump station itself is a cylinder, with manholes on it, through which people can go down from the ladder to the maintenance platform (the integrated FRP pump station is provided with maintenance platform, the maintenance platform of the steel sleeve pump station shall be specially designed, and the HDPE integrated pump station has no maintenance platform). The sewage enters the barrel through the pipeline, and the water inlet of the barrel is equipped with a basket grid to block part of the garbage (the blocking capacity is not very good). There is a submersible sewage pump at the bottom of the pump station, generally one for standby and one for use or two for standby and one for use.

Construction principle of prefabricated integrated pump station:

1. Antiskid top cover: made of fiber reinforced plastic, equipped with anti-theft safety lock, which can be easily opened.

2. Pump station upper cover: made of fiberglass, with stainless steel hanging basket grille, ventilation exhaust pipe and handrail.

3. Fiberglass cylinder: continuous winding reinforced fiberglass cylinder. The winding process is controlled by computer to ensure uniform thickness and meet the design requirements. The quality is stable and excellent. 100% anti leakage test shall be carried out before delivery to ensure no leakage.

4. Lifting lug: the external integrated lifting lug is easy to install.

5. Supporting water pump:

Equipped with konet brand submersible sewage pump, there is no vibration and cavitation phenomenon within the design load range, and the operation is stable. All rotating parts of the pump (including the motor) are subject to the dynamic and static balance tests during manufacturing. Pump running noise is less than 80dB (a).

The submersible sewage pump installed by auto coupling is equipped with a water outlet elbow, an auto coupling base and a stainless steel pipe guide rail and a lifting chain which can be used to connect when moving and automatically positioning. The water pump can slide freely between the top of the pump pit and the auto coupling base through the guide rail. The seal between water pump and coupling base is the connection between metal and metal and sealed by auxiliary rubber ring.


6. Pressure pipeline: stainless steel pressure pipeline. All pipelines pass pressure test before delivery to prevent leakage. Inlet pipe dn400. Configure all kinds of flanges according to the design requirements.

7. Service platform: built in service platform, maintenance of valves and pumps; customized platforms of different forms, positions and heights as required.

8. Liquid level sensor: it adopts pressure sensor (standard configuration) / float switch / water level electrode and special monitoring relay to realize automatic control and operation of pump station liquid level.

9. Crushing grid: the crushing grid is placed at the water inlet of the fiberglass cylinder of the pump station. The diving crushing grid is safe and reliable; the supporting guide rail is convenient for maintenance.

10. Outdoor stainless steel control cabinet: manual and automatic. The following control functions can be realized:

(1) Daily automatic position, realize unattended pump station.

(2) Two for use and one for standby, mutual standby, automatic switching, high water level working at the same time, automatic fault switching.

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