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Installation instructions of integrated pump station

Issuing time:2020-04-16 00:00

1、 Before the foundation pit construction, the construction unit shall prepare a detailed and reliable construction scheme and submit it to the owner, the supervisor and the designer for approval before the construction. After the foundation pit construction reaches the bottom of the foundation pit required by the design, the bottom surface of the foundation pit shall be leveled, and the 100mm thick concrete cushion shall be poured and compacted. The over excavation part shall be backfilled with 1:1 graded sand and stone in layers and compacted, with the thickness of each layer not more than 250mm and the degree of compaction of backfilling not less than 97%. The degree of compaction shall be checked layer by layer, and the concrete cushion shall be poured; in case of sensitive foundation, special attention shall be paid during compaction operation, such as bad soil layer such as silt, etc., and the foundation treatment shall adopt sand, stone replacement and other methods, and the management scheme shall be determined through design. Check that the surface is flat and free of inclination. Install the prefabricated concrete bottom plate at the bottom of the foundation pit, or cast the concrete bottom plate on site. The size of concrete base plate shall be poured according to the drawings provided by the designer. The allowable deviation of concrete floor thickness is - 5 ~ + 8m. The surface of concrete floor shall be cleaned before the installation of pump station. At the same time, the concrete ground shall be polished and leveled with a flatness of 5m M / m. Installation guide for secondary integrated pump station. In the preparation of anchor grouting foundation pit, lift the pump station from the working area to the concrete floor, and use anchor bolts according to the diameter and angle to install according to the installation requirements of anchor bolts.

2、 After anchoring, grouting shall be carried out through grouting holes. During grouting, the bottom of the drum shall be mixed with vibrator to ensure that the concrete is evenly distributed at the bottom of the drum and fill all gaps. In the process of concrete grouting, in order to obtain sufficient balance force, at least 1500mm water is poured into the pump station. After grouting, the settlement of the concrete ground must be observed for 24 hours. In case of settlement, the relevant personnel shall be informed in time and remedial measures shall be taken.

3、 When connecting pipes, the foundation pit shall be backfilled to the lowest surface of water inlet and water outlet pipes, the flange shall be aligned before installation, and the tightness of pipe connection shall be checked.

4、 Before backfilling, check and confirm that the pipes and electrical connections around the pump station are adequately protected and supported during backfilling to ensure that they will not be loaded during compaction.

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