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How to choose the type of sewage lifting equipment

Issuing time:2020-05-21 09:18Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

How to choose the type of sewage lifting equipment

With the continuous innovation and development of China 's economy and science and technology, all walks of life in China have their own exclusive high-tech information technology equipment. At the same time, the improvement of sewage management has also made some very good development. In recent years, people have higher and higher requirements on the environment, but if they want to have such a wonderful living and learning environment, they must do a good job in social environment protection education. Everyone needs to start from the students themselves, in addition to not littering and sorting, but also need to further deal with the very common basement sewage in life, so we have to use sewage to improve teaching equipment. So, how to choose the model of sewage upgrading network equipment?


Step 1: determine the appropriate model according to the application field. Of course, the brand can choose Lihuan.

Step 2: calculate the quantity of sanitary ware required by the on-site sewage flow. Please refer to "code for design of building water supply and drainage" or consult the sewage lifting network engineer. The third step of sewage lifting equipment selection: according to the location, size, length of outlet pipe, check valve, bending and site requirements, calculate the number of parameters of elevator installation, etc.

The fourth step: according to the market demand for flow and demand head to choose an appropriate pump power. You can refer to the performance curve given in the product Atlas of the enterprise.

Step 5: according to the selected equipment type and considering the layout of water inlet pipe on site, the specifications of * small equipment pit can be determined.. in addition, we must choose a quality sewage elevator for ourselves

In a word, domestic sewage is a more common and common thing. Sewage treatment occurs very frequently, but it does not bring happiness to people, but it will bring a lot of trouble and pain. At the same time, the understanding of equipment selection, as well as the maintenance and routine maintenance of important equipment, are indispensable.

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