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Difference between prefabricated pump station and integrated prefabricated pump station

Issuing time:2020-05-22 10:19Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

Difference between prefabricated pump station and integrated prefabricated pump station

In the 21st century, many domestic experts put forward the topic of "rainwater recycling" and often mentioned such proposals and suggestions during the "two sessions" every year. "Intercepting and storing rainwater can be used in peak water use or water shortage season, which can not only alleviate or even solve the problem of water shortage in cities, but also reduce and avoid the disaster of rainwater flood." With the decrease of economic development resources, water shortage will become more and more serious. Next, the underground integrated pump station manufacturer will provide you with the difference between the two


The integrated prefabricated pump station is designed for urban rainwater collection and drainage as well as urban sewage lifting. Can rely on a complete, pre assembled solution, prefabricated pump station includes a series of standardized, prefabricated sewage pump station. These core engineering pumping stations have everything the customer needs to achieve the most reliable and cost-effective pumping solutions. It is suitable for the collection and discharge of sewage and wastewater in residential areas, hotels, schools, factories, barracks and other public places. It is mainly installed outdoors and underground, and can also be used indoors.

Advantages of prefabricated pump station: the design life of standard pump pit is 30 years, and the flat pump pit ground is easy to accumulate solid substances. Pump pit design with integrated discharge connection. The slope structure can ensure a very high flow rate, and then generate eddy current, so that the solid is suspended again, which greatly improves the solid transport capacity, 1600mm conventional pump pit sediment. Solid accumulation covers the entire pump pit surface. 100 deposits in pump pit. Only a small amount of residual solids accumulate near the discharge connection to maintain the first-class cleanliness of the pump station: as the world's leading manufacturer and fluid treatment technology supplier of the submersible pump, it can provide all the necessary for the construction and operation of the pump station although the pump pit has self-cleaning function, and the accessory products can maintain the first-class cleanliness of the pump station.

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