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What are the advantages of integrated sewage treatment equipment?

Issuing time:2020-05-23 10:34Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

What are the advantages of integrated sewage treatment equipment?

We all know the function of integrated sewage treatment equipment. Isn't it just for sewage treatment? Let's learn about the advantages of integrated sewage treatment equipment with the help of GSET environmental protection project?


1、 The impact load resistance is strong, and the average residence time of contact oxidation is more than 6 hours.

2、 It has the ability of denitrification and dephosphorization, and can treat industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and urban sewage by adjusting the equipment structure.

3、 Most of the fillers in the contact oxidation tank are light, high strength, stable physical and chemical properties, large specific surface area, strong biofilm adhesion, high contact efficiency of sewage and biofilm composite soft fillers.

4、 In the contact oxidation tank, the aerator is used for blasting aeration, which makes the fiber bundle drift continuously, the aeration is uniform, the growth of microorganism is mature, and has the characteristics of activated sludge method.

5、 The effluent water quality is stable, the sludge output is small and easy to be treated.

6、 Submersible pump can be installed in the equipment to reduce project investment.

7、 Equipment can be placed on the ground or buried underground. When buried underground, the upper cover can be used for greening, the plant covers a small area, and the ground structure is less.

8、 Automatic control is easy and management is convenient.

9、 The device can be connected with a car and made into a mobile integrated sewage treatment device.

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