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What is an integrated pumping station?

Issuing time:2020-05-25 08:55Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

What is an integrated pumping station?

Integrated sewage pump station is also called integrated prefabricated pump station and intelligent integrated prefabricated pump station; it is also called integrated sewage pump station, integrated drainage pump station, integrated rainwater pump station, integrated irrigation pump station, integrated rainwater sewage pump station, etc. according to different installation types, it is also divided into buried integrated pump station, semi buried integrated pump station, etc; It can also be called FRP integrated pump station according to the material of the integrated pump station. To sum up, there is only one kind of product, that is, integrated prefabricated pump station.


As the name implies, what does he mean? Integration: integration of water pump, pipeline and control. Prefabrication: it is a turnkey project which is customized by the factory to assemble the supporting parts meeting all the functions required and installed on site. After all parts are configured, it becomes our star product: integrated prefabricated pump station.

The integrated sewage pump station is a mechanical equipment with many advantages, which plays an important role in the construction of urban drainage, municipal rainwater and sewage pump station.

In terms of structure and appearance, the integrated sewage pump station is similar to the current mainstream products in the market. The main barrel of the equipment is made of composite wound FRP products, with built-in submersible sewage pump, fully automatic coupling device, lifting device, pipeline and valve system, grating, self-cleaning base, liquid level detection device, field control cabinet and remote monitoring software, etc.

The integrated sewage treatment equipment adopts an integrated sewage treatment device with economic operation, convenient management, simple control and long service life. The whole equipment of this pump station has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low sludge, low noise, low maintenance and low operation cost. It brings a lot of convenience and beautification to our environment.

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