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What are the excellent performance of integrated prefabricated pump station

Issuing time:2020-06-05 14:24Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

What are the excellent performance of integrated prefabricated pump station

The advantages of the integrated prefabricated pump station are stable performance, high intelligence, beautiful interface and simple operation. And the convenience is also very strong, no need to build a pool, water tank, occupy relatively less space, save the initial investment of equipment and save the cost of washing the pool, disinfecting the pool. The equipment is a totally closed structure, which can eliminate the secondary pollution of water supply and is a new type of green water supply equipment. What are the technical aspects?


In terms of water free detection technology, the integrated prefabricated pump station technology can effectively prevent the pump from idling and causing damage. Once the municipal pipe network is shut down, the water level in the steady flow tank of the integrated prefabricated pump station will drop. When the liquid level sensor detects no water signal, it will immediately send the signal to the frequency converter of the water supply equipment to stop the water pump and protect the water pump to prevent the motor from burning. When the water comes, the water pump will automatically recover the water supply.

Integrated prefabricated pump station is widely used in high-rise buildings, urban and rural residential areas, enterprises and other domestic water. All kinds of industries need constant pressure control of water, cooling water cycle, thermal power network water cycle, boiler make-up water and so on. It is a very cost-effective environmental protection equipment.

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