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Selection method of integrated prefabricated pump station

Issuing time:2020-06-09 08:47Author:GSET environmental protection projectLink:http://www.gsthb.cn/

Selection method of integrated prefabricated pump station

The first thing to be paid attention to in the design and selection of the integrated prefabricated pump station is the discharge medium, which is different in the design and selection of different pump stations.

In the process of selecting the integrated prefabricated pump station, we need to have a clear understanding of the product flow, lift, etc., so as to make it more convenient for us to understand the properties of the product. Together, we need to have a clear understanding of the specific parameters such as the ground elevation, the elevation of the water inlet / outlet pipe, and the diameter of the water inlet / outlet pipe, so that we can select according to the needs.

The integrated prefabricated pump station is a complete set of equipment, which is composed of shaft, water pump, internal pipeline, valve, liquid level control and other parts.



1. According to the amount of sewage in the near future, the planning of sewage pump station and the design of sewage pump station should be determined. According to the flow size, the cylinder specifications of prefabricated pump station should be selected. The diameter of the cylinder can meet the needs.

2. In the separate drainage system, the rainwater pump house and sewage pump house can be built in different directions in the hospital or in a structure together, but the sewage lift pump, sump and pipeline should be self-contained.

3. It should be clear whether the sewage pump station is built in one time or in stages, permanent or semi permanent, so as to determine its specifications and facilities. After the sewage is lifted by the pump station, the outlet water flows into the river and returns to the treatment plant to select the location of the sewage pump station.

4. When the sump of the integrated prefabricated pump station and the machine room are in the same structure, the sump and the machine room need to be separated by a waterproof partition wall, and leakage is not allowed. The method is in accordance with the requirements of the structural design specification. The construction interval between the separated sump and the machine room should be kept to prevent uneven sinking. The sump is mostly round and the machine room is mostly square.

5. Pay attention to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, combine with the local conditions, so that the pump station and residential buildings and other public buildings maintain a certain distance, the pump station yard must be green, and the partition zone should be built around the four weeks.

6. Location: mainly depends on the underground hydrological conditions, whether the soil is dry, and whether the pump station needs bearing.

The integrated sewage lifting pump station is an integrated prefabricated sewage treatment lifting equipment with convenient use, reliable quality, less civil work and low cost, which can replace the concrete pump station products. With the development of national infrastructure and urbanization, the traditional concrete pump station has gradually exposed its own shortcomings.

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