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Simple and durable construction

Product parameters

Product Name: bwfrp

Product brand: GSET

Product features: beautiful appearance, strong durability, simple construction, etc

Product advantages: high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and long service life

Application: it is applied to the construction of traffic road and bridge engineering of urban municipal reconstruction project

Product features

01. High strength is used for direct burial of carriageway, without adding concrete protection layer, which can speed up the construction progress of the project.

02. Good toughness can resist the damage caused by external heavy pressure and foundation settlement.

03. The inner wall is smooth and does not scratch the cable. Rubber sealing ring to receive plug for easy installation and connection

04. Long service life and acid resistance. Alkali. Salt and organic solvents and other corrosive media.

Scope of application:

Construction and transformation of power grid in traffic road engineering

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